what to do if i'm a rebound

I’m giving him his space and allowing him to contact me. [new] I recently got out of a LTR of 2 years less than 2 months ago. For additional resources, visit The Rebound. How do I know if I'm a rebound? How do I know if I'm on a rebound? how do i know if i'm a rebound girl? Healing occurs at different paces and stages for individuals. I do have one question, though: Was the relationship with his ex a long time coming or was it sudden? Cool?

Now that I know, I realize that I’m his rebound. The most important thing you can do after a breakup is to allow yourself time to heal. I got mad and sad but replied to him saying how messed up of that was and how I had a crush on him and he knew that but maybe being friends would be better, and he replied with "ok". i met this guy (he's 30 and i'm 25) and he is very sweet and respectful. What You Should Do After A Bad Breakup. Cool. Problem is: I think (once he’s healed), he and I would be perfect for each other. I am trying to figure out if I'm just looking for problems or if I should be concerned. I've started being more productive, exercising regularly, reconnecting with old friends., being more active socially etc. Focus on things that are important to you. the thing is, he broke up with his gf of 6 years earlier this year. he calls me every day, and we go out. Take the time to allow yourself to breathe and begin to enjoy life. I'm alot better now and realised that it was for the best. I've been dating an awesome guy for 2 months. Download our free app for Apple and Android and Kindle devices. Everything is great with him.

So I have had a crush on this guy for quite awhile and once when I got his number and texted him, he tried playing it off trying to get some other girl's number. I'm going to do the thing I do sometimes, which is cut to the chase and then go back a little and unpack all the pieces. My only concern is he got out of a 2.5 year relationship in January/February. He asked me to be his girlfriend a week ago. It was a very unexpected break-up that was extremely hard to accept. Stay in touch with us anytime, anywhere. The answer to this question could offer insight into whether or not you're a rebound. Sign up for newsletters emailed to your inbox.

I even mentioned to him that I think I’m his rebound and that I do NOT want to get hurt (especially I just started dating in the past few months after a 10year hiatus). He treats me amazingly, is consistent, open, wants to see me regularly and plans great dates.

How do i know if i'm a rebound girl?

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