types of sensors in remote sensing ppt

REMOTE SENSING AND ITS APPLICATIONS 2. The process of remote sensing, its principles, platforms and sensors are discussed. PLATFORMS & SENSORS Platform: the vehicle carrying the remote sensing device Sensor: the remote sensing device recording wavelengths of energy e.g. Remote sensing systems, which measure this naturally available energy, are called passive sensors. There is no reflected energy available from the sun at night. NASA Visible Earth: Wim Bakker' Remote sensing ppt 1. Aerial photography - the plane and the camera Satellite image example: Platform: Landsat (1, 5, 7 etc..) Sensor: Multispectral Sensor (MSS) or Thematic Mapper (TM) Selected satellite remote sensing systems long list. Unlike in the past, when remote sensing was restricted to only the visual part of the electromagnetic spectrum i.e., what could be seen with naked eye, today through the use of special filters, photographic films and other types of sensors, the parts of the spectrum which cannot be seen with the naked human eye can also be utilized.

; Agriculture: Remote sensing is also helpful when studying vegetation. This makes it possible for geologists to classify an area's rock types, study its geomorphology, and track changes caused by natural events such as floods and landslides. Remote Sensing Weather forecasting Google mapping ... and actually began as a dual approach to imaging surfaces using several types of sensors from spacecraft. The four types of resolutions- Spatial, Spectral, temporal and radiometric are also discussed. This can only take place when the sun is illuminating the earth.

Elements involved in Remote sensing 1. The presentation is about the basics of Remote Sensing. The presentation talks about its need and who uses Remote sensing. Geology: Remote sensing can help map large, remote areas. Energy that is naturally emitted can be detected day and night provided that the amount of energy is large enough to be recorded. The term "remote sensing," first used in the United States in the 1950s by Ms. Evelyn Pruitt of the U.S. History 5.

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