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Bausch, D., J. Rozelle, and K. L. Pankow (2013). The Hector Mine earth-quake, epicentered in a desert-warfare training grounds, bounced tanks like peas on a snare drum, but did no damage. Did You Feel It? ShakeMap. Special maps: Long Valley || Los Angeles || San Francisco Earthquake lists: big earthquakes || all earthquakes Magnitude = ? What Are ShakeMaps? Questions and answers about Did You Feel It? Explore our collection of citizen science data, report your experience of an earthquake, or learn more about this citizen science project - how it's done, how you can contribute, and what we do with your data. Worldwide Earthquakes; Contact Us; Directions to UUSS; UUSS Staff Directory; Partners.

By taking advantage of the vast number of Internet users, we can get a more complete description of what people experienced, the effects of an earthquake, and the extent of damage.

He developed and manages “ShakeMap”, “Did You Feel it?”, & is responsible for developing other systems for post-earthquake response & pre-earthquake mitigation, including ShakeCast and PAGER.

Did you feel it? - click ShakeMap Click on an earthquake on the above map for a zoomed-in view. Did you Feel it? Maps are updated within 1-5 minutes of an earthquake or once an hour.

Place to provide information about ground shaking associated with significant earthquakes. EEN ShakeMap - VI , DYFI? A bird's eye view- with a twist! Utah Earthquake Program; ANSS; Utah Geological Survey; Yellowstone Volcano Observatory; Department … Lett. Did You Feel It? Posted on January 1, 2013 June 20, 2017 by Paul Roberson. An earthquake's magnitude tells how much energy was released in the quake but not how hard the ground shook. The great Utah ShakeOut, ShakeMap and HAZUS applications, Seism. Did you Feel it? The information it presents is different from the earthquake magnitude and epicenter that are released after an earthquake because ShakeMap focuses on the ground shaking produced by the earthquake, rather than the parameters describing the earthquake source. ShakeMap; Did You Feel It? The focal mechanism image shows a visual representation of the style of faulting (focal mechanism) derived from the estimated moment tensor.

Brendon Urie of Panic! data from the M=5.8 Virginia earthquake (green) and from one of similar magnitude and depth in California (red) illustrate how earthquakes are felt over much larger areas in the eastern United States than those west of the Rocky Mountains. The tank tracks came in handy for measuring displace-ments (above), and poten-tially live ammo made mapping the fault trace more interesting (below). Please Note: The archive feature of our new Shakemap page is not quite ready yet .For ShakeMaps prior to 2011 please visit the USGS Shakemap page. That's where the Modified Mercalli Intensity Scale (MM) comes in. Quick Links. Quick Links. Finite Fault; Focal Mechanisms.

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- III , Time - 2020-02-13 10:33:44 UTC (2020-02-13 21:33:44 +11:00 at epicenter), Location: 45.668°N 148.893°E, Depth: 142.58 km (88.60 mi) See More. 97016:: ZIP Code 97016 Clatskanie (Intensity V, 3 responses) Agency: USGS (Did You Feel It?) Home » Monitoring » ShakeMap. February 10 at 3:31 PM. At The Disco) available now. A questionnaire to let us know what you felt following an earthquake in … QUICK LINKS .


(feat. QUICK LINKS . Scientific Background. Ideally citizens reporting earthquake events in the United States will know their ZIP code. Home » Archive. Res. The ‘Did you feel it?’ form interface is easy to use. Modified Mercalli scale of ground shaking. Worldwide Earthquakes; Contact Us; Directions to UUSS; UUSS Staff Directory; Partners.

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