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Step into the arena and greet your foes in Shadowverse's 15th card set: Ultimate Colosseum. by ManaSurge Admin February 2, 2020. Articles, Community, Guide, Shadowverse. Each of these tournaments has a $4,000 prize pool, and will help you place in the Contenders Cup! Check out the links below, and send us a DM if you want us to feature your team! One of the Best Performing Decks for Me - Machina Swordcraft (Rotation) - Shadowverse This set of 114 cards will launch at the end of December with 97 initial cards and 2 new leader cards, with an additional 17 cards (a new gold card for all 9 classes and a new legendary card for all classes with the exception of Neutral) coming in February.
These decks are ranked according to their consistency and power level. Wildwood Matriarch. World Uprooted Ultimate Colosseum Verdant Conflict Rebirth of Glory Steel Rebellion Altersphere Omen of the Ten Brigade of the Sky Dawnbreak, Nightedge Chronogenesis Starforged Legends Wonderland Dreams Tempest of the Gods Rise of Bahamut Darkness Evolved Classic Basic Prebuilt Decks Set 1 Prebuilt Decks Set 2 Anigera Didoooon Tie-In Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel] Tie-in Prebuilt Decks … The teams and organizations that support and play Shadowverse are what makes this community special! What are Deck Archetypes?
by ManaSurge Admin September 22, 2019. Wildwood Matriarch. Some people couldn't navigate on the japanese sites and this should help out a little. Oct 21 EURO Shadowverse Open: 2018 Contenders Cup Venue: Los Angeles, U.S.A. More Video; TAIWAN. Lymaga, Forest Champion. The official subreddit for the digital card game by Cygames. These prebuilt decks contain cards from Dawnbreak, Nightedge, Brigade of the Sky, Omen of the Ten, and Altersphere. Decklists; Format; World Grand Prix; Community; Weekend; SVO SIGN UP; SHADOWVERSE OPEN COMMUNITY. Why is a certain deck so popular and effective? The “Meta Insight” series showcases the differences between popular ladder and tournament decklists, the statistics on matchups for each of the archetypes, as well as general stats regarding the format (“Stats corner”). Kokkoro, Faithful Guide. r/Shadowverse: Hear the dragon's roar! Shadowverse Rotation Meta Report. Feb 20th, 2020 Technical Issues.

Why are there this many copies of the same card in a given deck? Oct 14 PAM Shadowverse Open: 2018 Contenders Cup Venue: Los Angeles, U.S.A. More Video; CHINA. The World Grand Prix Grand Finals Deck Reveal! Runecraft was the most popular class, at a pickrate ~89% in Qualifiers.

Decklists; Format; World Grand Prix; Community; Weekend; SVO SIGN UP; THE SHADOWVERSE OPEN IS BACK! In 2020, the SVO will host 2 tournaments each month, 1 for the WEST region (Europe and the Americas) and 1 for the SEAO region (Southeast Asia & Oceania). Woodland Cleaver.

Woodland Cleaver. Shisogenius’s Unlimited Meta Insight. Nov 3 2018 Shadowverse …

The top performers at the Contenders … Latest News. …

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