national space council executive secretary

He is a big supporter of Protect, Toughen, Augment, and is eminently well qualified for this new role. National Space Council Users' Advisory Group (UAG) — Charter. We our congratulations and best wishes. President Trump signed an executive order amending the 2017 order that formally reestablished the council to add them as official members. UAG Third Meeting - April 8, 2019. UAG Subcommittees Roster* UAG Biographies. The final recommendation suggests that the Council’s executive secretary, Scott Pace, work to develop recommendations for export control reform by the end of 2018.

At an event in the White House, flanked by … The White House announced today that President Trump intends to appoint Scott Pace to be Executive Secretary of the National Space Council. Membership of the Council. National Space Council Welcomes Membership of U.S. Secretary of Energy.

Please note that the National Space Council is a component of the Executive Office of the President (aka White House), not the Department of Commerce. Secretary Ross Remarks to National Space Council, May 2020 “The Department of Energy’s research and capabilities have long contributed to American space exploration priorities,” Scott Pace, executive secretary of the council, said in the statement. White House Selects Leadership for National Space Council. Press Release From: White House Posted: Thursday, February 13, 2020 . The National Space Council, an advisory group tasked with developing a unified strategy for government space interests, now has an executive secretary. Final for Delivery and Public Distribution Embargoed Before Delivery of Remarks . Pace has been appointed the NSC's executive secretary, and not just because his first initial and last name flow together so well. Pace heads the Space Policy Institute at George Washington

1 . This is bolstered and optimized by the experience and professionalism of Scott Pace, the National Space Council’s executive secretary. The National Space Council (Council) was established by Title V of Public Law 100-685 and Executive Order 12675 of April 20, 1989 (Establishing the National Space Council). by Editor | Jul 17, 2017 | Blog. Dr. Scott Pace . President Donald Trump holds up an executive order that he signed during a meeting of the National Space Council at the East Room of the White House June 18, 2018 in Washington, DC. Pace is currently Director of the Space Policy Institute and Professor of Practice of International Affairs at George Washington University (GWU). WASHINGTON — U.S. President Donald Trump signed a long-awaited executive order June 30 re-establishing the National Space Council. UAG Fourth Meeting - October 21, 2019. The Council was tasked with advising and assisting the President regarding national space policy and strategy. Section 2(b) of Executive Order 13803 of June 30, 2017 (Reviving the National Space Council) is hereby amended to read as follows: “(b) The Council shall be composed of the following members: (i) The Vice President, who shall be Chair of the Council; (ii) The Secretary of State; (iii) The Secretary of Defense; UAG Membership Roster. GPS expert Scott Pace has been chosen by the White House to serve as executive secretary of the National Space Council. Scott Pace will run the reinstated National Space Council, President Donald Trump announced yesterday (July 13). The Executive Secretary of the National Space Council discusses the Trump administration’s plans to “make America great again”—in space By Lee Billings on November 6, 2017 Share on Facebook

Pace is the Director of the Space Policy Institute and Professor of Practice of International Affairs at George Washington University. Pace is currently director of the Space Policy Institute and Professor of Practice of International Affairs at George Washington University (GWU). Scott Pace, executive secretary of the National Space Council, said the council is "having a long dialogue" with the FCC and other agencies about … UAG Second Meeting - November 15, 2018. “Space is a place where there is now tens of billions of dollars” in infrastructure, says Mark Albrecht, the executive secretary of the National Space Council from 1989 to 1992.

Federal Register Notices.
The National Space Society (NSS) congratulates NSS Board of Governors member Dr. Scott Pace on his selection as the Executive Secretary of the National Space Council on July 13th, 2017. “The Department of Energy is proud to become an official member of the National Space Council to further efforts toward American leadership in scientific advancement and space exploration,” said U.S. Secretary of Energy Dan Brouillette. Today, President Donald J. Trump signed an Executive Order to include the U.S. Secretary of Energy as a member of the National Space Council. Executive Secretary, National Space Council

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