mars polar lander launch
Mars Polar Lander and the attached Deep Space 2 probes were launched on a Delta 7425 (a Delta II Lite launch vehicle with four strap-on solid-rocket boosters and a Star 48 (PAM-D) third stage) which placed them into a low-Earth parking orbit. Mission. Further imaging and analysis will take place later this summer. Designed to dig for water ice on Mars with a robotic arm, the Mars Polar Lander would have been the first-ever spacecraft to land on a polar region of the Red Planet. Contact was lost with both the Mars Polar Lander and Deep Space 2 about a year after launch. It carried two probes called Deep Space 2 that were designed to impact the Martian surface and test new technologies.

Image D is identified as the spacecraft's parachute, while Image E is the lander itself. The upper stage consists of a spin stabilizedStar 48 with a Nutation Control System and a yo-yo despin device. Launch. The vehicle approached Mars in early December in apparently good health. Fact Sheet. Mars Polar Lander. The lander was launched from Cape CanaveralAir Force Station (CCAFS) Space Launch Complex 17 (SLC-17) on January 3, 1999. "Volatiles and Climate History". Nation: USA Image of possible Mars Polar Lander sites. During its traverse to Mars, the spacecraft was stowed inside an aeroshell capsule. Boeing Delta II 7425. The Mars Polar Lander is part of NASA's 10-year Mars Surveyor Program, which will feature launches every 26 months when the Earth and Mars are favorably aligned. The Polar Lander was successfully launched on a Delta II launch vehicle from Launch Complex 17B at Cape Canaveral Air Station in Florida on January 3, 1999 at 20:21:10 UTC (15:21:10 EST). Launch Vehicle. Mars Polar Lander successfully left Earth on a Mars transfer trajectory Jan. 3, 1999.

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