follow the leader lyrics

Follow the leader, leader leader Follow the leader Follow the leader leader leader Follow the leader Hands up! Follow the Leader is the title, theme, task Now ya know, you don't have to ask Rap is Rhythm And Poetry, cuts create sound effects You might catch up if you follow the records E. wrecks Until then keep eatin and swallowin You better take a deep breath and keep followin The leader. The R. Then follow me! Lyrics for Follow the Leader by Wisin & Yandel feat. And follow the other one With a teedle ee do a teedle ee di tee dum Following the leader, the leader, the leader We're following the leader wherever he may go We're out to fight the Injuns, the Injuns, the Injuns We're out to fight the Injuns because he told us so Tee dum, tee dee A teedle ee do tee day We march along And these are the words we say

Rakim'll say, "Follow the leader!" Rakim'll say, "Follow the leader! 3. Follow The Leader Lyrics. 4. "Follow The Leader" lyrics. & Rakim left 4th & B'way Records and signed with Uni Records, a subsidiary label of major label MCA Records. The Lyrics for Follow the Leader by Wisin & Yandel feat. Down! This song was included on two VHS tapes, Disney Sing Along Songs: Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah and the UK edition of Disney Sing Along Songs: Circle of Life. Up! Put Your Hands Together. 9.

KoRn - Follow The Leader Album Lyrics; 1. All in the Family (Scary Bird mix) Lyrics…

you say never? No Competition. Up! Ole, ole, ole Bori, bori, bori, aha! Follow the leader Follow your leader I refuse, I resist to live this way Will you find your own way? & Rakim.Following their debut album Paid in Full (1987), Eric B. This is … Eric B. (follow the leader) yeah - dope cause everytime i stop it seems ya stuck soon as ya try to step off ya self-destruct i came to overcome before i'm gone by showin and provin and lettin knowledge be born then after that i'll live forever - you disagree? "Follow the Leader" is a title they task Now you know; you don't have to ask Rappers' rhythm and poetry, cuts create sound effects You might get junked if you follow the records he wrecks Until then, keep eatin' and swallowin' You better take a deep breath and keep followin' The Leader Follow the leader. We've found 671 lyrics, 1 artist, and 100 albums matching follow the leader. Lyrics: 5. All in the Family (Beats in Peace mix) Lyrics: 9. All In The Family Lyrics: 2. All in the Family (Clark World mix) Lyrics: 8. Down! Up!

It’s On! Rakim'll say, "Follow the leader!" Just try to keep in mind Life is too short to be wasting all your time [x2] And just try to keep in … It's On!

Follow the leader Follow your leader I refuse, I resist to live this way Will you find your own way? » Search results for 'follow the leader' Yee yee! 1. From century to century you'll remember me 7.

Never Scared. 2. Jennifer Lopez have been translated into 9 languages. 6.

Rakim'll say, "Follow the leader!" Follow the Leader. The Leader Follow the leader Rakim'll say, "Follow the leader!" Rakim'll say, "Follow the leader!" Down! Follow the leader, leader, leader. Ole, ole, ole Bori, bori, bori, aha! Da roof. Rakim'll say, "Follow the leader!" They recorded Follow the Leader at Power Play Studios in New York City. Lyrics of Fury. Seed Lyrics: 3. Follow the Leader is the second studio album by American hip hop duo Eric B.

Follow the leader.

You say never?

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